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Director: Michael Bottlang

Voice: 503.413.5457

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Legacy Research Institute

1225 NE 2nd Ave

Portland, OR 97232




The Legacy Biomechanics laboratory provides the opportunity to gain experience in Biomechanical Research at various levels:


· Post-Doc
· Doctoral Thesis
· Master-Thesis*
· Diploma-Thesis*
· 2nd practical semester*
· other (volunteer, summer student)


*On a revolving basis, the Legacy Biomechanics Laboratory provides 2 training positions for Masters-, diploma-, and practical semester trainees for a period of 6-12 months starting in Spring and Fall. Application deadlines for Spring and Fall semesters are the last day of October and May , respectively.


Application Requirements

If you are interested in applying and expanding your engineering talent in the area of Biomechanics, please fill out the application cover page and e-mail it to Dr. Bottlang with the following information:


· CV
· 2 letters of recommendation (from former employer, and or Prof.)
· grade reports
· latest publication (e.g. manuscript, abstract) or an extract of a written report (e.g. student project at


Information for International Applicants

The Legacy Health Research Center has a Visa program for international applicants as research scholars in the educational and cultural exchange category (J1). It provides all necessary documents to apply at the local US embassy for the VISA. For more information regarding VISA application process, please visit your country’s US Embassy web page
(for Germany:



At the lower application levels (2nd practical semester to Master Thesis), the Legacy Biomechanics Laboratory provides a standard salary, which compensates for general housing and living expenses for one person. At all other levels compensation depends on the qualifications. Furthermore, compensation includes health and other benefits (e.g. subsidized public transportation).