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Director: Michael Bottlang

Voice: 503.413.5457

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Legacy Research Institute

1225 NE 2nd Ave

Portland, OR 97232




The Legacy Biomechanics Laboratory is housed in the Legacy Research Institute, a 65,000 sq. ft. facility which opened in 1997. This Center provides all infrastructure required to ensure efficiency and integrity of research conduct:


The Legacy Biomechanics Laboratory maintains 2,200 sq. ft. of logistically arranged research areas and staff offices. It implemented Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards in 2001.


Development / Prototyping
Research Stations:
A: Imaging
B: Helmet Testing Facility
C: ESPI Strain Station
Computational Modeling

3 Staff Offices



3-D Motion Tracking
3-D Digitizing
Digital Image Analysis (ANALYZE)
CAD/ FEM (Solidworks / COSMOS/ ANSYS)
Data Acquisition (LabView)
Strain Measurement (ESPI)
Prototyping (CNC mill and lathe)
Biaxial INSTRON 8874 (20KN, 100Nm)
Uniaxial INSTRON 8841 (Micro-Testing)
Standard X-ray, C-Arm Fluoroscopy


Shared Resources

C-Arm Fluoroscope
Microscopy (confocal, scanning)
Cell & Tissue Culture Laboratory
Meeting & Seminar Rooms